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Jesse Jackson Falls from Grace

JESSE JACKSON and his mistress Karin Stanford (circled) pose with Clinton and other Rainbow Coalition staffers on December 3, 1998 -- five months before Jesse's love child was born.


Jesse Jackson Love Child -- Mistress Paid in Cash

Filed By Matt Drudge

Spiritual adviser to President Clinton Reverend Jesse Jackson took his pregnant mistress to an Oval Office meeting at the height of the Lewinsky Impeachment saga, a stunning new report claims.

Washington will soon be jolted and storm clouds will form over Inauguration Weekend after a NATIONAL ENQUIRER expose alleges Jesse Jackson fathered a daughter conceived out of wedlock by a part-time RAINBOW COALITION staffer who was given $40,000 to relocate to Los Angeles where she now lives in $365,000 multi-bedroom spread and receives a $10,000 a month stipend from Jackson, it is alleged.

The NEW YORK POST is rushing to splash the story in fresh editions, according to newspaper sources.

"JESSE JACKSON'S LOVE CHILD" -- the ENQUIRER is planning to blare in its Page One splash of its January 30 edition.

"A $40,000 moving expense is outragous," one RAINBOW COALITION source tells the ENQUIRER.

The ENQUIRER names the mother, aged 39. It does not name the young miss, aged 2. A photo of the girl is featured with a blue dot over her face shielding her identity.

Jesse Jackson

Clinton administration officials were bracing for yet another photograph, obtained by the ENQUIRER, which pictures Jesse Jackson, the pregnant mistress, President Bill Clinton, and RAINBOW COALITION executives smiling in the Oval Office.

The picture was taken on December 3, 1998 -- at the height of the Clinton sex scandal.

"Here was Rev. Jackson counseling Bill Clinton on his infidelity and Jackson's pregant mistress was smiling along?" asked a publishing source.

Jackson urged Clinton to take a contrite tone in his public explanation of the Lewinsky affair:

"Keep your eyes open and your mouth shut. And don't panic." "If you respond with a contrite heart," Jackson told Clinton, "that obligates the public to respond with mercy."

The ENQUIRER quotes extensively from RAINBOW COALITION insiders and the mistress. Jesse Jackson's wife is said to be devastated by the alleged long-term affair.

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Full text of Jackson's Statement

I am father to a daughter who was born outside of my marriage. As her mother does, I love this child very much and have assumed responsibility for her emotional and financial support since she was born.

This is no time for evasions, denials or alibis. I fully accept responsibility and I am truly sorry for my actions.

My wife, Jackie, and my children have been made aware of the child and it has been an extremely painful, trying and difficult time for them. I have asked God and each one of them to forgive me and I thank each of them for their grace and understanding throughout this period of tribulation. We have prayed together and through God's grace we have been reconciling.

No doubt, many close friends and supporters will be disappointed in me. I ask for their forgiveness, understanding and prayers.

I was born of these circumstances and I know the importance of growing up in a nurturing, supportive and protected environment so I am determined to give my daughter and her mother the privacy they both deserve.

I will be taking some time off to revive my spirit and reconnect with my family before I return to my public ministry.

This is a private and family matter and to protect all those I love I will not discuss it any further beyond this statement.

Jesse Jackson: Chronology

  • October 8, 1941
    Jesse Louis Burns born.

  • 1956
    Takes his stepfather's name. Becomes Jesse Louis Jackson.

  • Spring 1959
    Graduates from Sterling High School in Greenville, South Carolina.

  • Fall 1959-Spring 1960
    Attends University of Illinois.

  • Fall 1961
    Transfers to North Carolina Agricultural / Technical College.

  • December 31, 1962
    Marries Jacqueline Lavinia Brown.

  • April/May/June 1963
    Becomes a leader of civil rights demonstrations in Greensboro, North Carolina.

  • June 6, 1963
    Arrested in Greensboro for "inciting to riot and disturbing the peace and dignity of the state."

  • May 1964
    Graduates from North Carolina A and T.

  • September 1964
    Enters the Chicago Theological Seminary.

  • March 1965
    After watching 'Bloody Sunday' on television, Jackson is among thousands who head to Selma, Alabama. Meets Dr. King; asks him for a job.

  • Spring 1966
    Becomes head of Chicago chapter of SCLC's Operation Breadbasket. Launches first economic boycott.

  • Summer 1966
    Jackson among the leaders of King's open housing marches in Chicago.

  • Summer of 1967
    Becomes the national director of Operation Breadbasket.

  • April 4, 1968
    King assassinated in Memphis, Tennessee while there to support striking garbage workers.

  • June 30, 1968
    Jackson becomes an ordained minister.

  • December 1971
    Resigns from SCLC and starts Operation PUSH.

  • Summer 1972
    Jackson and William Singer unseat the Mayor Daley delegate slate at the Democratic convention in Miami.

  • 1977
    Founds PUSH/Excel, a program to encourage inner-city kids in their schoolwork.

  • 1979
    Makes controversial visit to Middle East.

  • October 1983
    Enters the 1984 Democratic presidential race.

  • December 1983
    In Syria, frees downed U.S. pilot Robert Goodman.

  • February 1984
    'Hymietown' comments reported; he apologizes.

  • 1984
    Founds the National Rainbow Coalition.

  • March 1988
    With his victory in Michigan, Jackson takes the lead in popular votes and delegates in the 1988 Democratic presidential primary. Eventually loses to Massachusetts Governor Michael Dukakis.

  • 1989
    Moves to Washington, D.C.

  • September 1991
    Wins the release of hundreds of foreign nationals being held in Kuwait by Saddam Hussein.

  • Fall 1991
    Announces he will not run for President in 1992.

  • 1996
    Returns to Operation PUSH in Chicago.

  • February 1997
    Jackson proposes an initiative to help close the learning gap between black and white children in part by emphasizing the role of parents. He seeks pledges from approximately 40,000 black parents to become more involved with their children's education and plans meetings with school officials from 45 cities.

  • December 1997
    Jackson visits Kenya as President Clinton's "special envoy for democracy" and speaks with Kenyan president Daniel arap Moi to promote peaceful national elections.

  • February 1998
    Jackson returns to Kenya to help defuse ethnic tensions and keep Kenya's democratic reforms on track.

  • April 29, 1999
    During the Kosovo war, Jackson leaves for Belgrade to negotiate the release of three U.S. POW's captured on the Macedonia border while patrolling with a UN peacekeeping unit.

  • May 1999
    Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic releases the three POW's. After his meeting with Milosevic, Jackson urges NATO officials and Milosevic to "choose the bargaining table over the battlefield."

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