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HotBlkJock screensavers!


      Get off my jock.      

Click here SAVE to download your free "Get off my Jock" screen saver!  

Click here SAVE to download the "World Wide Jock" screen saver!

If you're having problems downloading, try Right-Clicking on the link above and selecting Save Target As... [filename.scr]

Downloading Your Screen Saver

1. Click the 'download' button. A 'File Download' window will open. You will be asked if you would like to 'Open from current location' or 'Save this file to disk'.

2. Select 'Save this file to disk', specify a location on your hard drive and click save. Be sure to remember exactly where you saved the file.

3. Once you have your screen saver on your hard drive you will need to install it.

Installing Screen Savers

Having created and downloaded your screen saver you will need to install it.

To do this either:
Right click the .scr file and select INSTALL

Copy the screen saver .scr file to the windows/system folder. Click Start, point to Settings, and then click Control Panel.

Double-click Display. Click the Screen Saver tab, click the screen saver in the Screen Saver box, and then click OK.


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