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1927 Sears & Roebuck ad

A Jock is Born

In 1874 the Bike Athletic Co. began operations as the BIKE Web Company
and originated the athletic supporter to provide support for bicycle jockeys riding
the cobblestone streets of Boston, MA. The athletic supporter became known as a
"bike jockey strap" or "jock strap".  Eventually it became simply a

jock*strap (noun)


First appeared print around 1886.
It is derived from the English slang word "jock" meaning penis,
and the English word - "strap".

Mark McGwire's jock strap


jockstrap   also   jock strap
[ jock, male genitals  and strap.]

sus·pen·so·ry:  A support or truss.

Cambridge International Dictionary of English:
jock (SPORT) noun -- American, informal, disapproving
A person who is extremely enthusiastic about sport
"My class at college was full of real jocks
whose only interests were football and baseball."

Jock (MAN) noun -- British slang
A man who comes from Scotland.
Jock is a name used by English people for Scotsmen
and it is considered offensive by some people.
"When he first moved from Glasgow to Manchester,
people made fun of his Scottish accent and called him Jock."

athletic supporter --  Date: 1927

a supporter for the genitals worn by men participating
in sports or strenuous activities

Protective Gear, Athletic Cup, Nut Cup,
Scrotal Supporter, Belt, Strap, Pouch, Harness

From the Rap Dictionary ...

1) Jock (n) Crotch. Being on someone's jock means trying to get
involved with someone for his money or his status etc. The best
definition can be found on Ice Cube's "Kill at will" in the full
version of the song "Get off my dick and tell yo bitch to come here".
2) (v) To sweat someone.

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