The Internal Affairs of Gary Condit

24 year-old Chandra Levy was last seen April 30 in Washington, D.C.,
one week after completing an internship at the U.S. Bureau of Prisons.
Her reported relationship with Ceres, California Rep. Gary Condit, 53,
is generating speculation about the congressman's involvment.

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What Happened to Chandra Levy?

July, 2001 | At first, Levy would say only that he was in his 50s and "looked like Harrison Ford." By the end of the weekend, Zamsky learned the mystery man was a member of Congress she had started dating in October.

Chandra's aunt Linda Zamsky says that Levy confided she had been involved in an "intimate relationship" with Congressman Condit.

"It was clear, without a doubt, that they were involved," Zamsky said. "She described, in detail, some of their bedroom encounters."

"We believe that Rep. Condit's lack of candor is hindering efforts to find Chandra," Zamsky said.

Contrary to Condit's accounts, the relative says Levy spent time — including romantic weekends — in the congressman's apartment. He even gave the young woman a gold bracelet, the relative said.

Zamsky also remembers Levy's instructions from Condit being, "If someone asks you where you're going, you're visiting a friend."

While Washington police continue to classify the disappearance Chandra Levy as a missing persons case and not a crime, the U.S. Attorney's office in Washington has assigned veteran HOMICIDE prosecutor, Heidi Pasichow.

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