Fellas, there's something we need to talk about. Its a private talk about a common condition.  The condition is called Jock Itch.
All normal guys experience this;  but it can leave you asking questions. Just look down below for answers.

What is it?
Jock itch is the burning desire for a hot jockboy, usually accompanied by a tingling feeling in the groin and upper thighs. The effects caused by jock itch can extend from the crease between the inner thigh and pelvis, over the adjacent upper inner thigh, and into the anal area. Swelling will occur in the penis and scrotum area. Symptoms may also include itching, burning and craving.
How'd I get it?
The intense discomfort that comes from Jock Itch is caused when the groin area becomes sweaty and the tension of your male hormones build up. It can also occur by stimulation in a public lockerroom, or contact with certain items of previously used athletic clothing.
How do I get relief?
Jock Itch can be a persistent condition, however there are ways to take your treatment into your own hands and find temporary relief. First try having a warm soothing bath. Towel dry and apply a generous layer of lotion or cream or vaseline (or all three) and massage it around the affected area. You may need to do this two or three times a day, depending on how often the swelling occurs.

Can I get rid of it?
You will never get rid of the itch for a well-built, well-hung studjock. Continue occasional treatments, even if symptoms disappear. Be sure to wear clean cotton underwear, loose fitting pants and keep your groin area dry and perspiration-free. If condition persists, consult your local hot jock.