Basket Balls

This happened at a basketball practice we were having over the summer so we wouldn't get rusty. It was a hot day in the gym and we had just got done with a scrimage game of three on three. I was on the team with the hottest guy in school. Nick was his name and he was about 6'4" and he was built like a god. He had broad shoulders and pecs that stood out and were rock hard. Ripped abs and firm strong hairy legs.

I said it was hot in the gym and belive me it was. It was so hot that right after the scrimage Nick took off shirt. His chest was hairless and looked so smooth, I was getting hard just looking at him.

The other guys had to go to work and visit their friends so they all left except for me and Nick. He wanted to keep on playing so we decided to go one on one.

Now I decided that if he wanted to make me hard I was gonna try to make him hard. SO I took off my shirt. Now I don't like to be "cocky" but I am 6'2" and all muscle I mean I can't stand to see fat anywhere on me. I am ripped from top to bottm.

So now we were there and topless. We played for about thirty minutes straight and I was getting so tired. I was so exhausted that I layed down on the court. Nick then went over and closed and locked the door that was open in the gym. I didn't know why.

He then came over and layed next to me. I would have never thought that this stud was gay you know he's one of the guys that talk about fucking the bimbos and stuff like that. So when he put his hand on my shoulder I didn't know what to think. But I did know that my 8inch partner was going crazy down there.

"Hey man why don't we go take a cold shower to cool off?" Nick said.

Belive me I was not gonna turn down an open invatation like this so I said "Sure"

Now we had been on the team for about two years together I have been able to see this boystud in some great positions so I knew that this would only be even better since we would be alone.

I still didn't know what to think I mean he never seemed like the gay type and believe me I wasn't a guy that was open myself so I was very confused about what was happening.

We got in there picked up some towels and stripped down to nothing. He hopped in first and I followed very close behind taking advantage of the breathtaking view of a rock hard ass.

He went to one corner and I went to another when it happened like a bolt of lightning.

"Hey man, why don't we scrub each other so we can get totally clean?" Nick said as he came over to me.

"I.. Guess..." was all I could manage to get of my mouth.

SO he immediately went towards me and started scrubbing my shoulders with his hand full of shampoo. I thought heck why not follow suit so I squirted a little on my hand and started to do his shoulders as well. So there we were standing face to face massaging and scrubbing each others shoulders. Now after this the situation took a drastic turn. We he all of a sudden stopped scurbbing and said.

"Man, I was just doing this to see if we could become a little bit more than teammates." With that he took my hand in his and started moving it all over his chest and stomach. I got hard in about two seconds from that. Then I took control. I pushed him down and started on the one part of the his body that I wanted so much...his balls. I took my hand and started to massage them. Letting them dangle and then lightly holding them between my fingers.

This dude was amazing he had shaved his pubs all of so he was sooo smooth. It felt so good to hold them in my hands. FInally I inched my mouth down to them. Then slowly I let my tounge feel it out and started to lick them . By now he was obviously enjoying it because his hands were all over the back of my head caressing it and pushing it closer and closer.

Next after I was done with the big balls. I moved to the biggest piece of man meat I have seen in my entire life. I kid you not this boy was at least 10" hard. I was so fucking hyped up. I started at the bottom licking the stump and it was all steaming and at the same time I could tasted the sweat that had worked up from the big game.

I worked my way up letting my tounge run around the sides and not leave a piece untouched.

Finally I was at the top of this man mountain. I started kissing and licking the tip which was uncut. I played with the foreskin letting in between my tounge and lips. Then I dove down on it like a rocket. He was now pushing my head farther and farther down. I got about half way when I started to gag. So I went back up then began a rythm of up and down up and down faster and faster his hands allways pushing me down and down.

He started to yell "Yess, Fuck Yeah, OHHHH I'm cummmminng.....AHHHHHHHHH"

With that he shot his load. I was licking it in like it was sweet icing. It tasted salty and yet sweet at the same time. The warm oozing sensation filled my mouth and was the best blow job I ever gave.

After I had sucked him drier than death Valley. I told him that it was my turn to get off so I help him up and told him to bend over.

I think he kinda liked me taking control of the situation.

So with that I pulled out the bottle of shampoo and started to lube my dick up. I almost came right then and there but I managed to contain it. So then I put some on my fingers and then told him to relax.

I took my fingers and run them up and down his crack the cold shampoo made him jump a little. Next I told him not to worry and that we are gonna have some fun now. So I grabbed my dick and rubbed it all over his ass cheeks first then found the crack and spent time running it through the crack. Finally it was time for some deep penetration and i found my sweet spot and then slowly pushed my way into his insides.

He started to moan but I just grabbed his chest and pulled him into me. Finally after about ten seconds I was in. And for those of you that don't know having your dick in ass is the best feeling in the world I was so content and happy that I could have stayed there forever but figured what the heck lets have some fun. So I started my rythm again.

First pulling it almost out slowly then back in slowly then out a little faster and then in faster and out and in and out and in and then after a while I was going so fast I thought I was going pass out when I could feel my balls go up in the sack and my dick was ready and then with a loud moan and a big pull into his body I released my boy juice all into his ass. I was in heaven fucking and then my cum was all over my dick and I brought it out.

We just stood there not knowing what to do next so we ended up showering each other, and lets just say that we made our school basketball years very memorable.