Locker Room Football

I'm a sexy jock. I'm 6'2", 180lbs - solid and sculpted biceps, abs chest and legs, and I have an 8" cock. I'm a senior in college, and I'm on the baseball and football teams. I'm sort of shy, but not too shy. I dated girls, but I always knew I was gay.

For two years, I had lusted over two men. The first of these was the football quarterback and captain, Jarred. He is so sexy. He's also 6'2", 190lbs, blond, has a sexy face, and has lots of very sexy muscles on him. I sit next to him in math, and when he wears a very short-sleeve t-shirt, I stare at his bulging biceps.

The second man was named Corey. He was the running back on the football team. He pretty shy, but very sexy. He's about 6'1", 170lbs, blond; He's also a boxer and has the most defined muscles that I've ever seen. I mean, this guy could be a model for Abercrombie and Fitch. In P.E. class, I always got dressed real fast so I could discretely watch him strip and put his clothes back on.

At our school, we don't take showers, so I've never seen either naked. It was a particularly hot summer night. We had a football game against the state champions, Cherry Creek. It was a close game, and it went into overtime. It finally ended at 11:00pm. Everyone was really hot, and really sweaty. We all piled into the locker room.

"Great win studs, we did it!" said Coach Bravo, the football coach. Mr. Bravo himself was a sexy stud. He was around 30, 6'3", 200lbs, huge, hard and very tanned.

While everyone was getting undressed and horsing around with the coach's paddle, Bravo asked me and Jarred to go get some things off the field. By the time Jarred and I got back, everyone had left, except Bravo.

"I gotta go home now studs, lock up will ya?" he said and tossed us the keys.

Sadly, my and Jarred's locker were on opposite ends of the locker room, so I couldn't see him, just hear him.

"Hey Jarred, how's your girl?" I asked.
"We broke up today," he responded.
"Sorry, man. So how you gonna, you know, get any?" I asked.
"Don't know man, how 'bout you?" he asked.
"I really don't have one now," I said. I decided to go over and talk to him.

He had taken off his top off, and so had I, we were both shirtless.
"Looks like you've been workin' out, how come no girl wants you?" he asked me.
"Does it have to be a girl?" I said. I knew that was a stupid comment at a time like this.
"What if a guy liked you?" he asked.

I was surprised. "Well, then I'd have to have sex with him." I said.

I leaned toward him and kissed him passionately. Our tongues touched and we deep-throated eachother for over a minute. I then started to lick his huge pecs. I licked them and bit on his nipples, this made him moan. When I got down to his six-pack, I mouthed the individual muscles and licked my saliva off of them. I turned him around, kneeled down, and pulled down his tight pants, revealing his backless jock.

I licked the muscular and tight mounds and moved towards his hole. I stuck my tongue in his asshole and he moaned in pleasure. I turned him around and licked his large cock through the material. I moved down and fondled and ravaged his legs with licks and kisses. I told him to lay on the bench. I slowly pulled down his jock revealing his large cock. I licked his balls and put them in my mouth. I licked the shaft up and down several times, and finally put the mushroom head in my mouth.

"Stop. Now it's my turn to pleasure you," said Jarred.

Suddenly someone burst in. It was Corey.
"What the fuck is going on?" asked Corey.
"We're..uh... Would you like to join us?" I asked.
"Well, to be truthful, yes," said Corey.

Corey moved to my tanned body and started licking my pecs. He bit my sexy nipples, causing me to moan.

"Wait a sec, I've got the keys!" said Jarred.
"So, what the fuck does that mean? I'm pleasuring him here if you don't mind," said Corey.
"Well, jackass, we can go into the weight room," said Jarred. We went into the weight room. Corey pulled out some tanning oil.

I laid on my back on a bench and Corey started applying it to my back. He pulled off my pants, and oiled up my tight ass. He also applied oil to my legs. I turned over, and since I wasn't wearing any underwear, my hard cock was exposed. Corey applied it to my chest, paying special attention to my nipples. He continued to apply the oil to my abs, and rubbed it all over my navel and on my cock. He finished by oiling up my tree trunk legs. Corey was wearing a tight white t-shirt with a pair of spraypaint jeans. It was apparent that he had a roaring hard-on.

"Let me oil you up," Jarred said to Corey. The oil was very slippery, and I was sliding all over the bench.

Jarred removed Corey's shirt, revealing Corey's sculpted chest. Jarred applied oil to Corey's chest, back and abs. He took off Corey's tight pants. Corey didn't wear underwear either. Jarred finished applying oil to Corey.

"You guys have fun first. I'll oil myself up. Better do it on the ground, don't want to fall off the bench," said Jarred.

Corey got on the floor and I got on top of him. It was the most sexy feeling - two sexy, sweaty, naked, oily bodies on the floor. It almost made me cum instantly. We kissed for minutes, creating even more bodily heat. I moved down and started licking the oil off of his chest and abs. Combined with sweat, it tasted very good. I asked him to flex his arm, and I mouthed his large, bulging biceps.

"I want to fuck you missionary style," I said.

I slowly entered my dick into his tight ass. I started slow, but after 15 minutes, I started fucking him real fast. I jolted several loads into his sexy ass. Then he came. He shot his load all over my face and chest. I pulled out of him. Jarred came over laid on top of me, and licked Corey's cum off my chest and face.