Rick's First Black Jock

Rick always had lots of black friends. He had always seen lots of black cocks in one place or another, he'd always been excited by black jocks, and had to hide his excitement from those around. One night while he was cleaning the health club that he managed, a different chain of events took place. It was almost closing time, and all of the customers had left, or so he had thought. As he entered the shower area to begin cleaning it up, he heard the sound of water running.

Looking in, he saw Chuck taking off his clothes, getting ready to take a shower. He watched, unable to take his eyes off of the stud who began busily lathering up his huge cock. Rick gasped when Chuck turned towards him, and stood there holding that big swollen cock in his hands. Rick watched as the stud who obviously enjoyed being watched kept pumping up his throbbing member. Chuck was obviously proud of his cock which stood straight out at least a full 9 inches. Rick could feel his own cock starting to get hard at the sight. Chuck walked over still wet, and stood right in front of him. Chuck dropped his arms to his side, and said, go ahead, suck it!

When he said that something in side of Rick snapped. This hot stud wanted to get it on. Rick kneeled down, and his heart pounded as he put his hand around Chuck's pulsating cock. He knew that he shouldn't, he was really very monogamous, while involved in relationships, and he had been involved with his lover for several years. But what the hell he thought to his self. He wanted to suck that dick!

He took it and rolled it between his hands, and ran his fingers up and down the length of it's shaft, stroking it and making it feel good. And then he opened his mouth as wide as he could and closed his lips around the head of that throbbing cock. He let the cock slip in and out of his mouth. He reached down and began playing with Chuck's tight balls. Rick continued to kiss and suck on the cock, letting his lips massage the throbbing head again and again. He was doing every thing that he could to make the stud feel as good as he possibly could. Chuck looked down with glazed eyes and moaned....

Rick, was now jacking off his rod, trying to cum. But he couldn't, he needed to have that cock of his shoved deep in a nice warm ass. As he was thinking that, Chuck said Fuck me now, before I cum. That was all that Rick needed. He stood up and took off his shorts. He bent Chuck over one of the sinks, Took some soap and lathered up his hard cock. He walked over and forced the head of his cock in the ass that was in front of him. Chuck pushed back, hard so that the full length of Rick's cock rammed deep in his ass.

Chuck began to work his ass around that rock hard cock, and moaning each time Rick drove it deep inside. Rick had never fucked a Black guy before, and the sight of his cock ramming into that black ass was really turning him on. He had the urge to spank the stud while he was fucking him, and let loose with a slap to Chuck's left ass cheek that echoed through the room. Chuck moaned and really began to work his ass around that cock. Again he slapped that ass, each time getting closer and closer to shooting his load. Chuck was busy jacking off his big cock and working his ass around Rick's cock. Finally rick let loose with a series of slaps, which made a tear come to Chuck's eye, as he shot his load all over the sink...

Rick began to fuck him fast, he knew he was ready to cum, as he felt his balls become tighter. Just as he was about to cum, he pulled out and forced Chuck down on his knees. Chuck knew what he wanted, and opened his mouth. Rick jammed his cock in the waiting mouth and fucked the stud's face. He continued ramming it in the wet mouth until with a final thrust he filled Chuck's mouth with his sweet hot cream. They stood there for a while talking, then kissing, then went into the shower to start again.