Pervert MC Paul Barman performs
by Lukas Hauser

Getting coverage on Platform and CDNow's Allstar, and now exclusively on our MP3 page, pervy Mired favorite and Prince Paul-produced prototype MC Paul Barman performed this past weekend at NYC Public-Theater spinoff Joe's Pub -- the diminuitive rapper's first performance post-Paul Huston.

Aside from celebrating his recently-completed EP and birthday, the show also coincided with the launch of

The semen-obsessed Barman, clearly, is the next small thing: "Hey, you guys over there with your backs turned to me -- you guys need to realize that I'm going to be huge." Well, one can always hope. (His dope anthem "The Joy of Your World" mentions that Barman is "hung like a birthmark.")

MCPB's racing 3-cut set at the notorious Indie 5000 was comprised of "Joy", "Salvation Army Song", and his gender-wending opus, "I'm Fricking Awesome". It should be retitled "I'm Pricking Awesome." An excerpt:

I'd rearrange the boredom
and make it into bedroom
I said, "Let's go Max like Headroom"
We brought the ruckus like Red Grooms
on the couch where we made out
with my hand on his paunch
He invited me to march
in the Million Sperm Launch

Yet even those in the audience with their faces turned towards MC Paul Barman had trouble making out the lyrics during the show: some ladies in the crowd found it necessary to scream, Backstreet-boy like, throughout its duration. Grating, to be sure, but perhaps a necessary sign of the superstardom to come.

Prince Paul apparently wasn't aware of what he got into with Barman. "He's crazy," Prince Paul told CDNow. "He's like this real short Jewish kid with an afro."

That's afro as in "hermaphrodite", as Barman likes to say.